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Congratulations to DJ Cleo for Bringing the SAMA home

DJ Cleo won Best Urban Dance Album at 13th MTN South African Music Awards held on the 14th of April 2007.

2007 sees Will Of Steel Productions taking over the S.A music scene will a number of releases:

Will Of Steel productions 2007 Releases

DJ WHAT WHAT – What if (Name of the the album) Available in stores May 2007       Will all know him from being featured on the hit song “Goodbye” by DJ Cleo from Es’khaleni Ext2

DJ CLEO – tba (2007) Do we need to say more. Are you not convienced yet, the top S.A producer is ready to make us dance again.

AMAKOPOROSH – tba (2007) Brickz is letting his dogs loose (AYEYE). We all have heard the song “AMAKOPOROSH” on radio by now. If you don’t know these guys be sure to get yourself a copy of the “STOKVEL HITS COMPILATION” ALBUM AVAILABLE IN EVERY MUSIC STORE.

BRICKZ – tba (2007) Es’tokefeleni, Tjovitjo, Sweety Ma baby, Andapendi, Le’sgubhu. He is back for 2007, put on your dance shoes for the brigado sounds.

BLEKSEM – tba (2007) “Do it” like Bleksem. Word is, he is being featured on BRICK’Z new album. Eishh Will Of Steel is on fire for 2007. This is another DJ Cleo production.

BROWN DASH – tba (2007) Puff & Pass boy is back with DJ Cleo (AYEYE 2007)

ZULU NAJA – tba (2007) We all know him from being featured on the hit “Ndiya Ndiya” by DJ Cleo from the album Es’khaleni Zone 3 (SAMA Award winner)

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